7 Reasons Why Having Sex With The Lights On Is The Best

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A lot of couples choose to have sex in the dark because it adds a bit of mystery and can be sensually stimulating in a lot of ways. If you however regularly find out that you or your partner prefer to have sex under the dark, it may be a pointer towards the fact that either one of you or your partner is cheating the other person off some serious mind-blowing sex.

A myth has been around for a while that men get visually oriented during sex but same actually applies to women too, according to a research conducted by sex therapist Dr Ian Kerner. Not being able to look at your partner in the face during sex means that you’re lacking a lot of sensory stimulation that comes with sex with light on.

When you turn the lights on during sex, you’re exposing your self and your desires to your partner which gives them the opportunity to to know and trust you better. Asides the fact that you learn how much your body stimulates erotic passion in them, the situation is also very sexy simply because you can make eye contact with them and watch how they react to the pleasure you’re giving them.

Furthermore, you can consider undergoing foreplay with the lights off. As you and your partner get more aroused, you can then switch the lights on has your inhibitions would be very much lowered by then. If you’re still skeptical about putting the lights on, here are 7 Reasons why you should light up.

Free Porn On Fleek
Having sex in pitch black mode won’t make it as appealing as you’d enjoy it to be. With the lights on, you can record a sex tape meant only for the eyes of you and your partner or better still feast your eyes on the beauty of your partner’s body with some lovely music playing on in the background.

There Can’t Be Accidental Butt Entry
People do have different ideas of fun but there’s a bit of wrong when he accidentally puts his penis in your butt. That’s not a funny way to be surprised.

Makes You Do It Any Time
Restricting your lovemaking to the dark limits the time and place where you can make out with your partner. The truth is there is something stimulating about being able to have sex at anytime with little or no inhibitions. Opening yourself up to daylight can open a whole new world of adventure to explore.

You Get to Visualise Their Orgasm
The point at which they reach the state of orgasm is one moment that you’d replay again and again in your mind and (glad you had the lights on. It is certain that your partner also enjoys seeing the look on your face when you orgasm too.

Sex Injuries Can Be Avoided
With the lights on, you can avoid a visit to the emergency or casualty ward of the hospital as you can totally visualise your whole sexual activity and avoid any untoward thing that can hurt you or your partner.

You Can See Everything That Goes On Down There
Telling your partner what and where they should do or go in the lower extremity region is good but nothing beats visual coaching. You shouldn’t be afraid to let them see and play around the region that turns you on the most.

Your Body Gets Deserved Accolades
Irrespective of how insecure you are about your body, it looks better without clothes on. Your partner is going to love you for showcasing that great body of yours.



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