5 Things You Must Talk About Before Getting Married

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The wedding season is upon us and we can already tell it’s going to be a year of LOVE!

If you are engaged and thinking of getting married then it’s time to grab a seat as we put you through some of the things you need to talk about before finally settling down.

Planning a wedding means you and your partner probably already have a lot of things in common: friends, similar backgrounds, hobbies, interests, experiences, or values.

Being in love is an incredibly amazing thing, but beyond that feeling, there are still a lot of important logistical stuff to address about the relationship in other to achieve the life you both envision.

Whoever said marriage was easy told a big fat lie, hence the need to carefully think it through and consider these important conversations to create a solid foundation with your significant other.


This is probably one of or the most important thing to talk about before getting married. Many intending couples find it difficult to discuss finances but it is totally important because they influence marriage on a daily basis, as well as in more long-term ways.

You need to sort out who pays what bills, budget, how much should be saved, joint or divided accounts, what excessive spending means and who earns more. Many couples  gloss over this important topic and then regret it later.


This can be exciting to talk about but at the same time it can cause a lot of issues if ignored. You need to ask if the other party wants kids at some point, baby names, what kind of lifestyle you want for the kids, how you both will maintain a connection after the kid.

Kids are a big blessing but they can also cause a relationship to drift apart if not handled properly.

3. SEX

This needs to be carefully discussed especially if you haven’t been having sex before now. For some people, it’s easier to talk about sex with friends than with their partners but as weird as it may seem, you just have to talk about what your sex life would be like eventually.

You also need to ensure your sexual needs are compatible, if your partner is affectionate enough and the level of affection you both can display in public.


Getting married means moving in together hence there is no better topic to adress than the home you both will be living together as a couple. You may not start up in your dream home eventually but you need to sort out where you would live, if it’s convenient for the both of you, if the environment is conducive enough to raise kids and all.


This is an equally important topic to discuss. Blood group, drug/alcohol abuse, mental health issues, medical background are some questions to consider asking before getting married.



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