50 Cent Going Broke? All Rapper’s Assets Worth $16 Million

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50 Cent going broke? – Rapper 50 Cent has faced financial losses recently amidst plenty legal bottles, and the rapper’s value has taken a big hit.

50 Cent going broke?
50 Cent going broke?

Fif had filed for bankruptcy in July, 2015, and speculation had begun onto how much he had left and if he was really broke.

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The rapper had mocked the notion that he was broke, posting several memes on Instagram, but it seems things are not as good as they once were.

According to bank documents obtained by TMZ, all of the I Get Money rapper’s assets are worth just above $16 million.

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The rapper claimed in the documents that the value of his real property holdings was around $8.8 million, while he had $7.4 million in the bank.

$16 million doesn’t seem bad at all, until you remember that 50 Cent got $100 milion for his stake in Vitamin Water when the company was bought by Coca-Cola.



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