5 Not So Useful Body Parts We Have And Why They’re There

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Ever wondered the use of some of your body parts such as the appendix; wisdom tooth or tonsils, especially when you visit the hospital and the doctor tells you that they have to be removed and your life proceeds smoothly thereafter?

The fact is not all of our body parts are useful neither do we have an understanding of what they do. Some of our body parts are understood by science to have been less important to early men. Some of these body parts serve a purpose which has nothing to do with our survival. Here are 6 parts of our body parts that have no obvious uses but are nonetheless important.

The Tonsils

The Tonsils form part of the lymphatic system which are important in giving your body immunity. Since the mouth is a pathway into the body, immune cells in the throat can help to fight off respiratory infections which may result in inflammation and infection that may cause their removal.

Despite the importance of the lymph nodes, their removal in no way hampers our survival and as such, we can live without them.

The Wisdom Teeth

We have three permanent sets of molars which normally don’t change in size and are grown before they erupt from the gums. Our jaws are bone structures that require support and constant usage in order to grow properly but which is no longer the case since we are prone to eating soft and cooked foods as opposed to our ancestors.

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This creates space in between our molars which are large enough to support and allow the growth of wisdom teeth which later require removal.

The Armpit Hair 

There appears to be no obvious use for the hair growing under the armpit but scientists suggest that the apocrine gland which secretes sweat may mostly be found under your arms. It has also being suggested that the apocrine has a covert function of signalling a sexual partner mostly because the hair under the armpit traps secreted odours long enough for a potential mate to perceive.


Some scientists believe that the eyebrows work to keep sweat and rain away from the eyes while some others are of the opinion that the eyebrows help to communicate feelings and emotions which can help people in identification.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that people were likely not to recognise pictures of their favourite celebrities without their eyebrows as opposed to when they could not see their eyes. They concluded that eyebrows were important in navigating social circumstances and identifying faces.

The Appendix

The appendix is an organ whose purpose and function is barely understood. Some scientists however believe that the appendix is an organ that remained from a large fermenting chamber that used to exist at the tail end of the human gut. Some scientists however believe that the appendix can be a rallying point for healthy bacteria which has important digestive tract functions. The reservoir of healthy bacteria can help microbial flora recolonize your gut after inflammatory or digestive problems.

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