5 Reasons Your Semen May Disgust Her

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The semen has a lot of functions but some women aren’t too enthusiastic about having a feel of it and there’s very little you can do to make them change their opinion on it. You can try telling her the benefits of the semen such as it’s ability to improve moods but you sure don’t want to tell her it can serve as an anti-depressant and see how pleasing she finds it. The hidden truth however is there are measures you can take to change it and you’d be surprised to know that the solutions are not as serious as you think and may take nothing more than changing your lifestyle.

Here are 5 Reasons that your semen may disgust her and the steps you can take to change that.

Weird Smell or Taste
Semen smelling or tasting like bleach or rotten egg can be a major turn off for women. Foil smelling semen is usually accompanied with bad taste in the mouth. Semen would naturally smell funny because of sterile alkaloids and ammonia contained in it.

It is believed in some quarters that the kind of food we eat can have an effect on the taste of your semen. A study conducted by sexologist, Dr Ava Cadell found that the semen of fruit eaters tasted sweeter than those of meat eaters just as that of vegetarians had a milder taste than those of men that ate junks regularly.

The semen of smokers and people who took lots of caffeine was found to taste more bitter than those of non-smokers who drink a lot of water. Foods such as cinnamon and nutmeg were found to give semen a better taste.

A ‘Bucket load’ of Semen

The pornography industry tend to appreciate a huge load of semen but in the real world, it can be a turn off for women. Some women have described the feeling of having too much semen in or on them as akin to being water-boarded and slammed with slimy fluid.

It’s quite normal to have a heavy ejaculate if you’ve not had sex or masturbated in a while. If you had sex in the morning and do same in the evening, the volume in the afternoon would be lower. If you delay having sex longer, your semen can build up and the amount you ejaculate next time you have sex can be much. You can correct this by making sure you ejaculate often.

Very Little Semen
As they say, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’, some women detest when their partners ejaculate very little semen. Some women have reported feeling disgusted and thinking their partner actually faked an orgasm when very little semen was seen in the condom or anywhere else.

This problem can be solved by ensuring you stay hydrated always by taking a lot of fluids. Try to stay off masturbation too, especially before sex as that has the chances of reducing the volume of your ejaculate.

Yellowish-coloured Semen
The colour of semen is usually greyish or white and any deviation from this may seem disgusting to women. Some women have reported feeling a yellow coloured semen was as a result of an infection. Pale yellow semen is actually normal but a deep yellow coloured semen accompanied with a foul smell may indicate a seminal vesicle or prostrate infection. If it’s dark yellow but comes without any foul smell, it may just be old sperm being released from the body.

Too Thick A Semen
When you’re not well hydrated too, chances are your semen can have a thickness and consistency synonymous with yogurt.

A man that has not ejaculated in a while is also bound to have thicker and less fluid ejaculate. Women may not like this even though there are variations in the consistency, quantity, taste, and smell of semen. The colour of your urine can help you know if you’re well hydrated. An amber or pale yellow colour indicates good water level in your system.



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