#TecnoOwnTheStage: Nigerians Lost The Battle!

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Last week we hinted you that Kenyan musicians were getting better then Nigerian musicians. Apparently a Kenyan guy tweeted about it on Sunday and caused a twitter war between Kenyans and Nigerians on twitter.


We must say, SHOTS WERE FIRED.

His claim was based on a performance from the TECNO Own The Stage show where the Kenyan contestant won a Duel with the only Nigerian contestant left on the show.  See here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN8jsrUsB5E


This was welcomed with a barrage of insults from the Nigerian twitter community and the hashtag #NigeriansOwnTheStage and #KenyansOwnTheStage was trending for hours.

These are some of the tweets from the battle.

It was so heated there was almost no mention of Victoria Kimanis’s steamy performance of “Show” and “Booty Dance”.

Episode 10 promises to be amazing!!! Sources say the battle got the contestants fighting to impress!

Check out a sneak peek photo of Yemi Alade and MI either totally wowed by a performance or not able to take it anymore!


You can watch the show on

Sundays – Africa Magic Showcase at 19:00 CAT (6pm Nigerian time)

Sundays – Africa Magic Urban at 21:00 CAT (8PM Nigerian Time)

You can watch the repeat broadcast on:

Tuesdays – Maisha Magic East and Maisha Magic Bongo at 18:30 CAT

Wednesdays – Africa Magic Family at 19:00 CAT


To catch all the TECNO Own The Stage action, follow on

Facebook – TECNO Own The Stage

Twitter – @tecnoowndstage

Instagram – @tecnoownthestage




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