3 Ways To Always Have Access To A Charged Phone

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You’re wondering what the title of this article is all about right? Well, these days phones have become a part of our life so much that we feel a part of us is missing when our phones are out of charge. Truth is an uncharged phone should give us freedom to do other things such as having a real conversation with the people around us as we won’t have text messages to respond to, no pictures to upload and no phone calls to answer. This is however not so as our heart rates can get to hypertensive proportions when we realise our phones are out of juice.

According to organizational expert Kacy Paide, founder of consulting business “The Inspired Office”, the reason behind the anxiety is that “People get really stressed, really fast when they don’t have mastery over what they own.”

Dying phone batteries are something we can’t however avoid in present day Nigeria given our power challenges and the fact that phones are used throughout the day. If you’re the type of person that always forgets to carry a charger  or keep misplacing them, you may want to consider these 3 tips that will keep you ahead of the game.

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Charging Wallets (Power banks)

Charging Wallets are the new cool in town. These wallets are available at Nigeria’s silicon valley – computer village and are even sold in traffic. Power banks cost as low as 1,500 Naira to as much as 10,000 Naira, depending on its capacity. The extra bulk these charging Wallets bring in size can be a little uncomfortable but it’s a small size to pay to have your phone almost always at a 100 percent battery life.

Colour Your Chargers

This tip might sound funny but adding a bit of colour to your chargers can go a long way to help differentiate your charger from those of friends and family. You can use a colourful mark to mark them. Alternatively, you can scratch out your initials on the hard surface of the charger (not the cord) to help easy identification. This will help you easily identify your charger if it ever goes missing.

Get One For The Road

This one might cost a little more but will definitely help you avoid pain in the future. You should get Power banks and travel chargers exclusively for when you travel to avoid your phone’s getting low on charge and losing your main charger.

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This will help you reduce the burden of carrying your charger all around with you as the travel charger will be exclusively placed in your suitcase. Furthermore, have one charger in your car too. A lot of car chargers come with USB ports these days where you can plug a charger cord in. This will help your phone stay charged when you’re up and about.



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