2016: The Year Of Dirtier Sex, Happy You

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2016 should be the year of the good, the dirty and the outrageously excellent sex. You may want to consider having a set of fresh innovations to make the dream of excellent sex come true. Truth is new relationships tend to be satisfied with conventional sex positions which are enough to satisfy both partners for a while since you’re both still revelling in your new found love. As time goes on however, it’s common to feel dissatisfied with your routine and seemingly complacent sex life which will probably have become boring. If you’ve faced that problem in the previous years, don’t fret as 2016 will present newer experiences starting from this article about how you can crank up your flat and boring sex life.

Talk Routine

Your wet dream could be another person’s wet blanket. Suddenly pulling out a sex move could surprise your partner and make them unwilling to commit to dirty sex for a long time. You can simply discuss your ideas concerning what turns you on with them before going ahead with such. You can start the conversation in a very relaxed place, over some red wine.
Commence the discussion with anything that the both of you are comfortable discussing such as your fantasies. You can ask your partner what sexual fantasies they have before saying what yours are.

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Don’t make a big deal of asking or looking terrified after asking them. This can make them nervous. You can also consider telling them that you don’t expect to live those fantasies all the time but want you both to do it sometimes to spice things up. Remember not to force things, especially if they say they are not interested in what you suggested. Forcing things won’t change their mind in any way but acting cool with them may make them have a rethink and give it a shot.

Prep Routine

When your partner has finally agreed to participate in some dirty sex, it’s time to prep yourself and them up for the upcoming action. You may want to consider watching porn or reading some erotic materials together which can help put you both in the mood to discuss some great sex ideas. If full blown porn is a little too much for you, you can watch some soft porn movies like “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

There’s a chance that your partner has interest in some of your fantasies even if they’ve never discussed it with you. It’s very much easier to let your partner know about your fantasies by watching or reading it out with them than by telling them verbally.

Once you both have decided on the new sexual moves to try, do some research on it as there are definitely best ways of going about it to derive maximum satisfaction. Moreover, it’s cool for you both to fulfill each others sexual desires on different nights unless you both have similar sexual fantasies. You may start with your partner’s sexual desires first, this is likely to make them more enthusiastic when their time comes.

Other Stuff

You may want to consider living up your new sexual experiences in a place away from home such as a hotel. This will help both you and your partner ease up because of the unfamiliar surroundings. Also, you may want to consider setting some rules about how far the both of you can go. Creating a word to say when you’re no longer comfortable can help the both of you ease up and have fun.

At the end of it all, it is important you know that your relationship is far more important than whatever experience you’re craving to have. Hug and kiss your partner afterwards and tell them how much you enjoyed yourself and are grateful for the experience. Wait some time after and talk about what you both enjoyed and disliked about the experience. This will ensure satisfaction and a willingness to try out newer and Dirtier sex.

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