Zoe Saldana Gets Some Christmas Shopping Done Looking Hella Pretty!

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Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana stepped out to do a little Christmas shopping in a pair of jeans and comfortable shoes and she looked really pretty.

The 37 year old mother of twins looked flawless, walking side by side her shopping companion who happened to be her sister.

Armed with a red purse worn across her shoulders, the beautiful actress seemed happy as she strolled towards her car.

Zoe Saldana 5 Zoe Saldana 4 Zoe Saldana 3 Zoe Saldana 2 Just days ago, a video of Zoe Saldana and her husband staying up late to cater to their twins went viral.

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The Actress who has never for one second missed a chance of showcasing her adorable twin boys was seen talking about having sleepless nights, nights we know she is enjoying as the mom of those beautiful kids!

Photos: Daily Mail



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