Women Sex Wednesday: Five Sex Trend Gifts For Your Man This Season

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The art of SEX is the beauty in Lovemaking – Unknown.

Oh that opening quote just killed it for me. Yes, the art of sex is the beauty in Lovemaking, why? Because after you’ve mastered the art of SEX when you need to get down with a person you actually connect with, the beauty of Lovemaking is born by your ability to create something spectacular.

Don’t get stuck in the old way of always doing the same things, same styles, same everything. Your man is probably wondering when next they’ll try something new and different with you. Maybe you’re pondering on the same issues too.

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Take delight in reading new ways to show your man just how much you love him this season by practicing this trend.

It’d do so much in adding to your man’s love for you seeing as you took the time out to prepare something special with your body just for him.

These trends will make any man fall for you.


Sometimes why a man cheats is because his woman isn’t creative in the bedroom, so let’s get creative together.

Well, WSW aims to please by giving you Five Sex Trends you probably haven’t heard of but will be very pleased to know after you are through reading this.

Refer your partner to this article it’d do your love life a lot of good.

Live, Love, Learn.

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Edging which is also known as ‘stop and start’ sex is one of heightened intense pleasure. How this works is by having sex till you feel like climaxing and then you stop. After the wave has passed you go again. You could go for as many times as you like. This build up of orgasm when you’re finally ready to let go will have you screaming your orgasms out.

You can do this alone if you masturbate or with your partner. Push yourself to the precipice of orgasm then you calm down without the release. It wouldn’t be an easy fit seeing as you just want that orgasm so bad, but if you can be patient enough to hold-out on for two or three orgasms, when you’re finally ready to climax, you’ll soar past cloud nine. Try it.




Marinating involves an insert-but-no-thrust system of lovemaking. You can’t have sex on marinating. It has to be with someone you feel connected to on a deeper level and just want his penis inside you. Not thrust, No movement. Just slip in and stay in. Insert and simply lie in there. Sweet.

Because pre-marital sex is off limits for some religious groups, there are reports this practice evolved—some say among Mormon college students—as a way to skirt the rules. Since there’s no movement, you could argue you’re not having sex.

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Karezza is when you have sex with the mind of your partner. Doing this can make you fall in love with this person or vice versa; therefore, it is important you don’t use Karezza carelessly lest you or someone else gets hurt.

The difference in this and edging is while edging is ‘stop and start’, Karezza is slow sex with the intention of delaying orgasm while enjoying the feeling of having him inside you or being inside her.

You engage in slow, passionate sex while keeping your mind glued to the pleasure of the moment—as opposed to anticipation or eagerness for the big O at the end. “For some people, denying the orgasm is more rewarding than having orgasms,”.

“Karezza is about going slow and enjoying the journey without worrying the whole time about orgasm.”




A penis ring for those who don’t know is that steel circle that goes around his penis and slightly constricts the flow of blood going there. This will stop the man from ejaculating and can make him stay harder for a long period of time, plus the sensation when rubbing on your clitoris, is out f this world.

When he wears this during sex, the feeling is entirely out of this world going by those who have been there and done that. The vibe is different, the sex is different, the sensation is different, the orgasm is different. All in an appealing way. Suggest it to your man or you could pull a surprise on him and get him one after which you both try it out and share how you feel.

Plus there are vibrating penis rings, you should invest in one and get a nudge up on your sex life.




Part of the broader, Eastern meditation concept of tantra, this style of sex is all about “connecting your body to your partner’s body” through techniques like coordinated breathing and reciprocal massage.

This is for those who don’t mind doing yoga while naked. Exercise together, play, flirt, do whatever but no sex till you are both free of every inhibition, taboo, shame or fear. Tantric sex aims at making you aware of your partner’s body and every detail on how to please him is tectonic.

The experience is liberating and the orgasm that will follow is enormous.

Turn it up with sensual naked dancing or playing in bed, or turn it down with reciprocated naked massage.






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