Wizkid Shuts Down Industry Night With N1Million GiveAway

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Wanna go for this?‘,


That was what popped up after I checked my Whatsapp notification. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to but I hit and sent Yes anyway. I was home, I was bored. Something was happening in the city, I had to work. My job is keeping you informed even if it means having fun along the way. I’m all up for the happy life. He couldn’t get me the ticket personally so he instructed me to just show up and tell them my name which he had earlier collected so he could add me up.

I went with a friend. Getting to the ball room at past ten, nothing had started, though the separation between regular and vip was massive. Lots of elegant and stylishly garbed men and women, including lots of mommas (if you get my drift). Also add the skulkers hoping the bouncers would look away so he could slip in, Lagos boys, always planning to crash a party or an event. The spacious hallway was filled with Nigerian men and women taking pictures on the red carpet.

Since the event hadn’t began we took a walk to it’s cafe. Impressive decor I must say for a first timer. Its color of gold and mahogany was flawless. Bright lights everywhere so taking a selfie wouldn’t be a problem. #snapaway. We hoped people would turn up though. Not like we would get paid for our hope but, anyway, we stepped out to feel the people.

We decided to drive into town and ended up at an upscale kareoke bar while waiting for notice Wizkid had come. After few singalongs and shots of liquor we headed back to Oriental hotel for the Shutdown of Industry Night By Wizkid.

When we got back it was better filled but still not what you would call a Turn Up, yet Wizkid held everyone who came for the show at a trance till after his performance. Every feet was on deck, no sitting. He shut it down. He gave four fans two-hundred-and-fifty naira each totaling one-million naira, (don’t ask where’s mine?). Two guys and Two girls. One fan even had Wizkid’s face tattoed on his heart. Such love fam.

Wizkid ended with “Next time you hear there is a Wizkid show, you turn up“. Word.

Highlights of the event.

A fan tattooed Wizkid’s face on his body. Wizkid gave him some money as show of love for his loyalty as a fan.


The young man’s perseverance paid off. He had to jump on stage to get noticed. 


The young man intended singing a song to win but the crowd booed him off. 


Another contestant singing her way to two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand naira.

IMG_20151230_015024She lipsynced to his Holla at your boy. 

IMG_20151230_014959 (1)

The crowd felt her vibe and cheered when Starboy handed her winnings. 


He got the maddest love from Wizkid. 


After singing his Ojuelegba, Starboy allowed him bask in his few minutes of fame. 



IMG_20151230_014107 (1)



IMG_20151230_014433 (1)

IMG_20151230_014440 (1)








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