Wedding Trends: The Groom’s Moment

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Don’t you just wonder how nice it would be to have someone to come home to everyday. Your best friend, your paddy, your biggest critic and greatest motivator. Someone who genuinely loves you and who you share faithful feelings for as well?

Well, these men have found that in their brides and the joy in the eyes represents what many want, but few will have. Cheers to him and every groom having his moment.

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Let us get this started. Amen.



Guess that’s the few worries most wedding bachelors have. Who will be my groomsman? Will you be his groomsman? Yes, No, Maybe so.



His final glare as a bachelor; forthwith, he’s taken. His eyes.

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Just some me night-time before the big morning.



Let’s pray brother, It’s about to get different.



That awkward moment where you have to smile for the camera despite knowing you probably look cheesy, lol.



A moment of prayer for the journey he’s about to embark on. Amen.



Just so much joy.



Friends who pray together, Slay together.



Probably reminiscing on how he used to beg his new-bride when he offends her. Friends, they always have so much loving jests in their hearts.



Squad goals. Him and his team.



Happy groom.



When he sheds for the woman he loves because words can’t express just how much he loves her. Awwwwww, so sweet.






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