Vardy Is Good Enough For Champions League

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Jamie Vardy once played for Fleetwood Town, and he has the support of the chairman Andy Piley to seek UCL football.

Vardy fired Fleetwood Town to the Football League and did the same with Leicester, sending them to the premier league.

And after breaking and setting a new record for most consecutive matches scored, Vardy has been backed to play in the UCL.

“I thought he’d be a Premier League player,” he told Omnisport. “We thought he could play for his country, which is why we put a clause in his contract, we really thought he was that good.

“But I did not expect him to break Van Nistelrooy’s record. We knew he was a brilliant, brilliant player but what he’s achieved is exceptional.

“I think what Jamie’s done in the game now, I think he deserves the opportunity to pit his wits in the Champions League and I think he’s worthy of playing for one of the top three or four clubs in England and also playing for his national team.

“So I’d love to see him get his chance to play for one of the really big teams.

“Initially we only had Championship clubs scouting him when Jamie started scoring goals, but eventually when word got out that he was scoring every week the Premier League clubs started having a look then.”

Pilley says Vardy’s rise has proven the potential of players released by top clubs who fall into non-league football.

“I’ve seen lots of football movies and they’re fantasy,” he added. “This is a true story and who’s to say the journey’s complete yet? I think what he’s achieved is nothing short of remarkable.

“It’s extraordinary, it’s a real rag to riches tale and I think it would be well-received globally.

“I think it should motivate all non-league players or young players or players who have been rejected by the club that they’ve featured for in the academy.

“It shows that dreams do come true in football and the future’s what you make it. Vardy’s not felt sorry for himself, he’s buckled down, he’s screwed the nut and he’s a real life Roy of the Rovers.

“I think he’s very confident, great self-belief. We knew he was good, but we didn’t realise how exceptional he was. That soon became apparent as soon as the second game, he might have scored a hat-trick actually.

“He is a fantastic player who changed this club forever. He played a huge part in getting us into the Football League and the difference between being in the league and non-league is night and day.

“Without Jamie, it’s questionable whether we would have achieved that or not.”



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