Trending Right Now: #BudgetOfYams Buhari Sets To Rule Nigeria In Debt

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#BudgetOfYams. The Nigerian government has finally served the budget of yams which shows how it intends to borrow five-billion naira everyday for three hundred of sixty-five days (all of next year) which totals its proposed 2016 budget sum of one-point-eighty-four trillion naira. One Nigerian asked, “Pls what does “Miscellaneous” mean? Cos they budgeted a whooping N454 million for it on Aso Rock in d #BudgetOfYams”. 

Included in the budget is the ridiculously laughable three-hundred-million naira to extend cable in drivers rest room, why? Is that their house? Won’t they work and go home? Another is a budget of N3.2bn for a VIP section of a VIP clinic in the VIP residence of the president, like, really Buhari? One-point-six-million naira for National Intelligence Web Designing, oh god Buhari? Why? In 2014: Purchase of Vehicles =70,000,000. In 2015: Purchase of Vehicles =100,000,000. In 2016: Purchase of Vehicles =400,190,000
Over 300% increase in allocation for vehicle purchases in Buhari’s administration and he’s just less than a year.

Since Buhari became president, very few Nigerians will tell you they are satisfied with his leadership so far. Especially with his manner of facing corruption and other issues that plague the country. One minute he’s the man of the moment, the next he goes and does something that makes you question if it was the same person you were hailing minutes ago. Only time will tell if Nigerians will let this one slip under the carpet despite her people living below one dollar everyday.

Called a joke of Budget Of Yams, Nigerians are crying out in anguish especially since the government that proposed the borrowing of these funds to support the economy has no special platform put in place to recover  and pay back what has been borrowed. We all know how oil-producing African countries fall into debt and become destabilized nations open for war and strife by the Westerners who encouraged the borrowing. This they did with an aforeknowledge of the Nigerians inability to comprehend the future rather than making detrimental decisions for the present satisfaction of individual needs of leaders.

All this money can be used to set up projects to aid this ailing country but the leaders are more concerned about their bank accounts encouraged by assuming impressions regarding Nigerians as shallow enough to let such bark and still doesn’t bite it’s government when she makes decisions that dooms it’s people.

One question though, if the country is already doomed financially, where are all the moneys recovered from corruption?

In no time accord, here’s the Twitter Banter as Nigerians raise their voice in outcry.







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