There’s Crazy, Mad Love For The Judges On #TECNOOwnTheStage

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So if you haven’t yet caught the buzz on #TECNOOwnTheStage, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Interesting contestants, hilarious judges, amazing voices and an engaging audience is what makes up #TECNOOwnTheStage.

And of course, there’s love too. Lots of it!

Get soaked in the fun with these contestants below. They are not holding back how they feel for the judges when they hit that stage. Well, when you have Yemi Alade staring with those eyes, Bien with his direct gaze, and Mister Incredible himself smiling back at you, it’s hard not to show some love.

Some of the contestants are quite subtle and suave with their moves, like Pascal below who is clearly lovestruck:

hey you



But the the others…not so much…

Yemi Alade is surely in for it.

And then there were those who just had all their loving in their dance moves.

Looks like MI finally asked for her number




Her message is pretty clear, Bien

And we have kisses all the way!kiss2


But what does Yemi think?

The eyes say it all!


To catch up on more fun on the #TECNOOwnTheStage, visit the Youtube Channel and get all the hilarious videos and amazing performances.


If you’re in Nigeria, watch the next episode this Sunday  on Africa Magic Showcase, 6pm.

Also go to – for more details on competitions and giveaways.

You can check out the Facebook page:

Visit Instagram as well:

And watch the auditions on your Boom Player 




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  1. Wow. I love the write up and the video editing skills, I am just laughing all the way. It’s like the show is full of fun

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