Ten Couple Date Ideas For The Season

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As the season gets to its final leg in the race of 2015, some couples are wondering mentally on what to do with their loved ones this season.

I was having a chat with Chioma the other day and I was surprised to hear her say she really didn’t have anything planned for her husband this season. She asked for pointers which I humbly served. And that birthed the first scripting of this article. We have decided to bring it to you in ten ways to have a great time even on a very low budget.

While some might have the money for the expensive things, others might not have all that cash to shell out especially with the responsibilities of kids and bills to pay.

Well here are Ten easy-to-do Couple Date Ideas that will help you get the perfect season’s gift for your loved one. The best side is, it’s achievable both ways either with too much money or less and little money.

#1  Love Bath: Permit us to call this the holy grail of a successful relationship, be it marriage or otherwise. Easy to accomplish while sending the right signals. Chocolate, Wine, Food or Munchies, also take time out to bath him. 360lovebath


#2  Cook Together: When was the last time you both washed vegetables, shared kitchen utensils, caught quick kisses in between cooking and preparing the meal for both of you? It’s a very good idea that creates bonding and will help you get your love life back on track.



#3  Good bye dinner date, let’s go brunching: It’s time to do something with your afternoons. Don’t be that couple that only go out at night; get some sunshine together by going on a brunch date. Order up and enjoy the outdoors together.


#4  Stay in and get goofy with pillow fights: Sometimes relationships gets boring not for lack of fun, but for lack of will to have some fun. Get your will back and convince your partner to play a game of tumble and tussle, no holds barred card games, truth or dare or any great game ideas you can come up with.


#5  Go see a hilarious movie together: A little laughter never hurts anyone. Get dressed and go to one. Order some munchies and just be affectionate with each other. You’ll cherish the memory.



#6 Stay home, eat popcorn, drink wine, watch movies and chill: If you don’t want to go out for movies, please stay in and have yourself one amazing movie date. Watching the movies at home will be so nice especially if there’s a wager involved. You could bet on casts or actions. Loser does as requested by winner.


#7  Cuddle, Chill and Listen to music: With the tension of everything you both have to go through, a little cuddling with a compilation of your favorite music is super soothing. Just you both, your favorite songs and your embrace. Mega bonding.



#8  Watch a horror movie together: Yes, this is another very interesting idea seeing as women can be quite frightful. Would get a reaction to hold over her for ages.



#9  Stare into her eyes a lot: This will probably get you lots of “why are you staring at me?” and lots of smiles too as you tell how just how beautiful you think she looks.



#10 Sleep-in: Especially for parents. Set aside a day to just sleep-in. Send the kids somewhere. Maybe grandmas or family. Take some time and have a whole day to just sleep-in. Not having to wake up early to prepare the kids and yourself for work, No alarms, No work, Just sleep.






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