#TECNOOwnTheStage Episode 4: Banye Takes A Bow

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The #TECNOOwnTheStage competition continued in its usual style has brought unprecedented glitz and glamour to audiences all around Africa. The contestants were expected to perform African songs on the 4th episode of the show and as expected, the person adjudged to bring the least to their performance in terms of lyrics, vocal delivery and following the karaoke rules will be eliminated from the show.

The judges were looking dapper as ever with Yemi Alade looking more so in the cow-girl costume to the delight of her co-judges MI and Bien. She restated the rules and expectations of the judges before the commencement of the nights performances.


Mary from Tanzania was the first to step on the stage as she had a good rendition of “Loliwe” by Zahara. Bien said the performance was good but it could have been better while Yemi Alade said she had difficulty understanding the lyrics of the songs even though she tried to sing along. She said she enjoyed the performance overall.


The second person to perform was the Nigerian, Shaapera Makepeace who sang “Woju” by Kiss Daniel. As usual, she brought on her A-game to her performance which got the audience and judges dancing. Bien told her she was that good that he couldn’t wait to buy her album but Yemi Alade said she felt Shapeera Makepeace was too comfortable with this performance as she had raised the bar at the last episode.


Next up on stage was Banye from Tanzania who performed “My Number One” by Diamond Platnumz. The judges were critical of Banye’s performance with MI saying he expected better and Bien saying his vocal depth on the song was poor. Yemi Alade brought a funny side to it all as she said she had problem comprehending the reason Banye chose to wear a pair of white Nike shoes with his African clothes.


The 4th contestant on stage was Tosin from Nigeria who gave a good delivery of Victoria Kimani’s “show”. She however lost her lines at the middle of the song but was lucky to recover early enough. MI told her to make use of the karaoke board if she had problems with remembering her lines while the duo of Yemi Alade and Bien told her to work harder and bring her best since she would be facing stiff competition from others.


Next up was the Tanzanian, Zooccu who sang “Sisikii” by Jux. Yemi Alade said she enjoyed the performance despite the fact she didn’t understand much of the lyrics.


The last person on stage was Jeff Mduma from Tanzania who sang “Kioo” by Jaguar. He brought a lot of movement and showmanship to his performance to the delight of the audience. MI commended him for fighting for his spot while Yemi Alade said she loved his performance.

At the end of the performances, all the contestants were summoned on stage for the eviction of the person adjudged to have performed worse. Bien rolled out the names of the three least performing contestants which were Tosin from Nigeria, Mary and Banye from Tanzania. At the end of it all, it was decided that Banye should be evicted from the competition.

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