Tecno L5 Battery Life Challenge; The Road Trip To Accra, Ghana

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The Challenge:
TECNO’s all new smart phone; TECNO L5 boasts of a monster battery life, thanks to its jaw-dropping 5000mAh capacity lithium ion battery. But how long can this power bank-of-a-phone last with heavy usage on a single charge?

Step One: Two lucky winners of the #L5BatteryLifeChallenge on TECNO Mobile Social Media Pages and the TECNO crew met up in Lagos on the first morning of the adventure.
Step Two: The two lucky participants Ohioze Ubuigwone and Adaora Anita, each got a fully charged TECNO L5 smart phone, without the TECNO L5 chargers.
The winners and the TECNO Team left Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday to test the battery life of the L5 and returned on Tuesday, 22nd November, after spending a fun filled day in Accra, Ghana on Monday.
Let the adventure begin…Codename: Road warrior
“Never stop pushing the TECNO L5, no power conversation tactics please. Use the compact smart phone until it drops dead (well, that’s if you can)”-Mr. Attai Oguche, Deputy Marketing Director TECNO Mobile, and the road trip coordinator.

Shots taken on the way to Accra, Ghana.

Techno 5 techno4 techno6
Some of the shots taken by the contestants along Nigeria’s border with the TECNO L5

tecno3 tecno4

In Accra, the road warriors and crew made stops at the Labadi beach, Accra Mall and the Independence Square at Osu.

Battery check at the end of the trip: Anita: 8%, Ohio: 18%.

Meet the new TECNO L5
TECNO Mobile’s new budget smart phone, TECNO L5 boasts of an advance OTG function which makes it a great phone for work on-the-go.

Charge your phone with TECNO L5 smart phone
5000mAh battery on a smart phone is no joke; TECNO L5 has enough power to stay fired up for days and even enough to share with a second phone. Simply connect the OTG cable to this brilliant smart phone and plug in your flat phone and voila, you’ve got yourself an improvised power bank.
The new TECNO L5 is now available in stores across Nigeria. Visit www.facebook.com/tecno Mobile for more information.
*Recommended Retail Price; N15,000.



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    1. Like seriously, I was at the Tecno office few days back to fix my phone and I caught a glimpse of this phone and It was awesome I swear

  1. The Challenge though ended proved the mettle of this phone as long lasting and durable mobile phone in terms of battery life…

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