Taraji P Henson’s New Man Reportedly Dating Two Other Women + He Is Supposedly Using Her

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Taraji P Henson

Taraji P Henson is grabbing attention right now and she is doing it without the cameras of Empire around her.

Some hours ago, we reported the news of Taraji P Henson hanging out with her new hot boo, who is reportedly a Baller.

The guy who goes by the name Kelvin was getting compliments from Taraji’s fans before news surfaced that he is not the man he seems like.

According to TheShadeRoom, Kelvin’s alleged girlfriend’s bestie sent them a message, telling them the guy in question has been dating her friend for a year now and even though the relationship is rocky they are “happy”.

And while we were trying to understand that situation, another bestie who is friends with a woman who supposedly has been dating this same guy for eight years sent yet another message with proof of photos.

Sounds messy.

And if true, sounds like something Taraji does not want to be associated with.

Hopefully this all goes away soon.

Read more of this drama on TheShadeRoom



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