Still Hurt: Bonang Matheba Refuses To Talk About D’banj In Interview

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Bonang Matheba on Nigeria

South African OAP Bonang Matheba was in Nigeria over the weekend to co-host the 10th Future Awards alongside singer Darey Art-Alade.

Bonang Matheba on Nigeria
Bonang Matheba on Nigeria

Matheba, who has built a huge brand for herself on social media, spoke to Y! Naija about a number of things, including her career and relationships.

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Excerpts from the interview below!

What’s striking about Nigeria for you?

I have been here about a couple of times but this is my first official visit in a working capacity. I feel it’s the people. Everywhere I go, the weather is fantastic, the food is good but it’s the people. I find Nigerians especially the ones in Lagos a little more loving and little more supportive.

I’m Cancer which means my life rotates around my family and that’s what I found out about Nigerians. They are very spiritual as I can connect easily. They love family, they love food and religion. They are very spirited and strong in their beliefs. The fun, the night life and everything about them is incredible.

Another thing I like about Nigerians is they are very fashion savvy and I think that’s how I caught their attention and the bloggers are quite obsessed with my fashion sense and how I put things together.

In one word describe Nigerian men

They are tall glasses of dark chocolate and I am obsessed with them. They are so tall, very strong, dark and very gentleman like. That’s how I can describe Nigerian men.

Can we delve into that a little?

I’d rather we focus on The Future Awards and me being in this incredible space and being here for work. Yes I know of my connection with D’banj but for now I’d rather we speak about The Future Awards.



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