Sex Position Of The Week: FaceOff

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Tired of having sex the same way over and over again? Sex Position of The Week wants you to try out the FaceOff move.

This move can be done on the bed but for optimal result it should be done at the edge of the bed or on a chair.

Get this move on the road by sitting across each other. (Follow image pointer).

He slips into her as she sits astride him. Her bare breasts are caught in the warmth of his mouth, he suckles on them while she holds unto him like a lifeline.

She takes it a step further by rubbing sensually on his penis as she watches it slip in and out of her vagina, and they get caught in kisses as they give as much as they receive.


When sitting at the edge of the bed, she lowers herself unto his erect penis. Moving back and forth as every fluid movement sends him pushing harder into her. He has his mouth on her nipples and one hand goes into her mouth. She suckles on his finger as he suckles on her breast while both still riding.

A very sensual position that allows for self-paced orgasm as much as long lasting. You could have sex with this position for hours without breaking a sweat.

To achieve orgasm faster, she should tighten her vagina walls with each hard thrust he gives.


Photo Credit, goodtoknow 

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