Sacchi: Ancelotti Will Bring Huge Identity To Bayern

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Arigo Sacchi has stated newly named replacement, Carlo Ancelotti will be bringing a huge identity to Bayern.

Sacchi worked with Bayern, when he coached him and when he had him in his backroom.

And Sacchi believes that none other than Mourinho or Ancelotti could have been named.

“[It is] a great satisfaction and an honour to the brilliant coach, who, after winning in Italy, England, France and Spain will try to repeat it in Germany,” he wrote in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Ancelotti is one of three of the most famous, and perhaps most talented, coaches of the last decade: Guardiola, Mourinho and Carlo. These are the most in demand by large clubs, and when one of them moves the world market for coaches boils over.

“Carlo does not order, he convinces, has sensible tactics and imagination. His football knowledge is huge, extended by large international experience.

“It is difficult to find such a complete coach and good at managing and giving an identity to a squad.

“His teams play a pleasant and harmonious football. The biggest flaw is in an excess of confidence in himself and in his work, which has led him to not intervene in the squad and to accept players not always carry out his ideas.

“I hope this time he behaves like all great coaches who, to create their own style, want players with certain characteristics, optimising time and energy.”



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