Opinion: Allow Ben Bruce Continue With His Nonsense

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Ben Murray-Bruce on fuel scarcity

I insist that those who have made it a pre-occupation to always DISS this man are confused folks – and I see that they cross the APC-PDP divide as well.

These folks who love to behave like “they are the only ones that understand the problems of Nigeria and how it must all be solved” have a way with still finding faults with the opinions and positions put out by this Senator even though those same opinions and positions are in tandem with the very things they carry placards all over the place for – suggesting “they are agree with him but disagree with such coming from a Serving Senator?”

How messed up can that be? This guy is the only sponsoring bills in this currently-directionless Senate; he is the only one with a functioning twitter account that “He maintains himself” even in his above 50s age to interact with young Nigerians daily; he’s the only one with a weekly op-ed in a major newspaper – backpage of ThisDay to discuss national issues; he tries as much as possible to present an austere outlook even though he was never poor growing up with a myriad a business chains he was running irrespective of misfortunes that became of some of those in the past.

So, what exactly do “these so-called young elitist Nigerians want?” You say “you want A but when you find some doing the same A, he becomes a subject of ridicule to you?”

Perhaps, I should also not forget that “there actually seems to be more of these flaks coming from the APC end?” Because to them “a PDP Senator is taking the shine – as one man – away from an APC dominated Senate” – and since he is not one of them, he must be silenced?

Perhaps, there are also these set of folks who love to despise this guy because “He is Bayelsan?”

Some have also quickly rushed to lampoon the man “for offering to donate his allowances to Osun Workers” or to give same “to widows in Bayelsa” – asking him “why won’t he announce what Senators earn” to which I respond “Why not ask Saraki, the leader of the Senate about that?” To those of you who insisted “on Supporting Saraki” or “on Saraki following APC’s directive on the position”, why not ask those you support that question? How come Ben Murray-Bruce, who doesn’t belong to the ruling party is the one that must answer this question? Why single him out of 109 Senators as the only one that must answer this question? Why not ask the Dino Melaye who is the Spokes-Senator for the Senate to respond to this question?

Please, I urge you to continue to allow Senator Ben Murray-Bruce to continue “to make sense” – let him continue to “the conscience of the National Assembly” – the only one that really emphatizes with the people they are leading that is honest enough to put himself out there to relate with Nigerians while others hide behind their office paraphernalia – PAs, SSAs, Published phone numbers that are never picked; and email addresses that you never get responses from – for me, BMB is the only one that deserves to earn his pay – irrespective of how lean or fat it, of the current crop of Legislators we have – an assembly that is fast becoming a rubber-stamp arm of the Executive – and a useless one at that!

– @favourafolabi

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