“Not Worried”: Chris Brown Doesn’t Care Who Rihanna Dates

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown not concerned about Rihanna’s relationships

Chris Brown has revealed he is not the least bit concerned about whoever former girlfriend Rihanna is currently dating.

Chris Brown not concerned about Rihanna's relationships
Chris Brown not concerned about Rihanna’s relationships

Rumors that Chris Brown still had feelings for Rihanna once again resurfaced after Breezy reportedly dropped a poop emoji on a photo of a flyer for a Travis Scott concert, who Rihanna is rumored to be dating now.

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Chris Brown’s Royalty album drops on Friday, and when a fan asked if Breezy was just trying to get attention for the album or if he was throwing shade, he replied: “Aint nobody worried about the next man or the men after and so on and so forth.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna had split in 2009 after a messy breakup which was caused after Brown physically assaulted Riri, an incident that still haunts him till today.

The Autumn Leaves singer was denied entry into Australia months back over the incident.



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  1. I don’t know how many confirmations you blogs need that Rihanna and Chris Brown are OVER. There’s no getting back together for them and let’s hope it stays that way. You guys just want them back together so you can pick their relationship apart. Rihanna has said there not friends and they don’t speak. Now Chris said he doesn’t care who either of his ex’s date. So stop linking them together. Obviously he doesn’t want you guys to know why he posted the emoji. It had nothing to do with Rihanna.

  2. I think Chris is a little jealous of Rihanna and Travis relationship. I don’t think Travis Scott and Rihanna are dating. I think they exaggerated their friendship to get media attention for Travis Scott album release. I think Chris is a little jealous of their friendship because he used to have a friendship like that with Rihanna and probably miss it. I don’t think Chris wants to date Rihanna but would like to be cordial. Unfortunately I don’t think Rihanna wants to be Cordial. Maybe they are both too busy or neither have tried to become friends.

  3. Yes Chrystal, your right Chris would like to be cordial with both his ex’s. I wonder how cordial he would be if they did to him what he’s done to them Though.

  4. No, All are wrong. Chris did post that emoji in response to Travis dating Rihanna. Rihanna stated in one of her interviews that she doesn’t speak to Chris but She’ll care about him till the day she die. That was for Chris ears that she still cares about him. When your ex say’s they will care about you until the day they die. That’s a big statement that mean that they care about them enough to talk to them again and even date them again. Chris Brown since that comment has been quiet waiting for the next sign or waiting to see if his other ex will come around but it hasn’t so that emoji is a sign for Rihanna to see that he still cares as well. I know it sounds crazy and childish but that’s the games people play when no one wants to be the first to put themselves out there. So it’s little tick for tack games until they come face to face. Chris and Rihanna know each other very well and because they are under such scrutiny all of the time neither of them wants to make the first move not knowing if the other is open to being friendly for sure. So I guess were going to see these kind of games for a while.

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