#Nollywood Review Of ‘Deola Sagoe; Top Drawer’

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Deola Sagoe; a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Miami, Florida, USA, and one of Nigeria’s biggest designers; is the subject of one of the documentaries in Aljazeera’s My Nigeria.

The viewers are taken on a journey to Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria where Sagoe sources here tie and dye materials, though she informs the audience that here favourite material is Aso Oke (Top Drawer).


Viewers equally learn about CLAN, a modern label under Deola Sagoe run by her three daughters.  The fact that the designer’s 3 daughters already run their own label is indicative that succession will not be a problem for the label.  One can only conclude that the business is here to stay.

Top Drawer reinforces the imperative to follow one’s choice of career and strive for excellence, even though the chosen career may not yield immediate gains. It also shows parents that a child’s aspiration must be supported as far as the said dream is not ignoble.

Nothing is said to Deola’s late mum, Elizabeth Wuraola Ojo, from whom she learnt tailoring neither is the audience informed when and why she rebranded to Deola Sagoe from Oodua Creations.  In her interviews in Genevieve and TW magazines, Sagoe narrates how all her tailors were poached by her competitors in one day and also gives more details of the rivalry in her industry as well as other vital information on the fashion business.

The producers of Top Drawer also fail to tell their audience how much Sagoe’s customers paid for her designs when she set out more than twenty-five years ago, so they can understand how far she has come, especially now that her designs cost $3,500.00 (N700,000.00) and above.


The film gives some insight on Deola Sagoe, but is not a seminal documentary on the ace designer.


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