My I .T Palava

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Lamentations of an IT student.
We Can’t Wait for Year 4 to come
 Now that Year 4 is here??
It’s looking at you like
People Started submitting I T letter from 1st semester and am like
Cus we all have that uncle that Promised us I T placement
 After First Semester I called My Uncle
Eski Sir it’s Time
 Then he Started Avoiding my Calls
Eventually I started Submitting I. T letter Myself
Expectation ( If I.T time come la san)

BMF( Blow Money Fast GANG)

I eventually got Placement
Then they said they are not Paying
And I’m like Transportation Allowance nko
And they Said there is Staff Bus
But the One thing Made I.T interesting
Who ever suggested that when they were compiling the program is the real MVP
we Love you.
Compiled By Daniel Egunjobi, a Student of the University of Lagos.
Photo Credit, mannersgrokbants
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