Monster Family Forces Sibling To Eat Her Own Poop

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Hearing horrific tales such as you are about to read can be heartbreaking and unbelievable. Also, finding out the perpetrator of the dastard act is a family member, ie a brother or sister to the victim, can make you lose faith in humanity.

Every country has it’s own share of monsters and Nigeria is no exception, but this takes monster family behaviour to an all time high.

A 19-year-old girl has been beaten to death by six members of her family.


Prior to her murder, Shahena Uddin, who was one of eight siblings in a Bangladeshi family, was sometimes struck with a plastic baseball bat, Wii bat, a mop handle, and a glow stick.

Officially called, “The Most Harrowing Domestic Abuse this year”, horrific injuries of a teenage girl beaten to death by six members of her family have been revealed in shocking police images. Shahena, was tortured by five of her siblings and her sister-in-law at the home they shared in Watford, Herts, in a “regime of terror”.

Shahena’s problem began in 2010 after elder brother Suhail Uddin, 35, and his wife Salma became the legal guardians of her and two other sisters because their parents were no longer around, having subjected the children to abuse.


Prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC said her “offences” were eating at the wrong speed or not eating her food. She was made to eat large amounts of rice and would be made to lick the toilet seat and stand for long periods staring into the toilet bowl.

How mean would a sibling by direct blood have to be to tell you to eat poop off the toilet, lick the toilet seat, and take a squat in the sink rather than the toilet bowl only to make you eat it off the sink? That’s a million shades of sibling evil.

Shahena, who was just 4 feet 11 tall but weighed 13 stone, wasn’t allowed to use the lavatory and, on occasions, she was forced to use a sink – which sparked more beatings. She was told to eat her own faeces and vomit and pieces of paper and stand for long periods of time. She fell unconscious after a final beating and was left to die by choking on her own vomit in October.


In a letter Shahena had written to her sister-in-law Salma Begum, whom she referred to as Afa. She wrote:

“I’m begging you to please help me. I feel like I have no-one. Afa please………please Afa I have no life anymore without cares.

“It hurts when you call me a cow and a rat-dog… I am suffering. I have no-one to tell so please can you help me. Afa I will put my head in the toilet for you just to forgive me. Please Afa I really need you.”

Salma Begum (Left), and victim’s sister Rehena Uddin

The tragic teen was discovered with 54 injuries after her family called for an ambulance and told paramedics she had been feeling unwell. The scheming siblings told paramedics Shahena had felt sick and fainted.

But forensics discovered Shahena had been beaten with weapons in the course of the previous 24 hours, suffering head wounds and injuries and bruises to her body. After Shahena’s death her family mounted a cover-up operation. Blood and vomit stains had been concealed and bloodstained clothing belonging to Shahena had been placed in bin bags and put outside.

Her elder brother Suhail Uddin, was slammed ten years in prison for causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult and conspiracy to pervert the cause of justice. His wife, Salma Begum, who also happens to be the ringleader, was sentenced to a minimum of eighteen years. Three other brothers and a sister were also jailed for her murder.


Detective Inspector Fraser Wylie from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, said.

“I all my years as a detective, this case has been possibly one of the most harrowing cases of domestic abuse I have dealt with.

“How any person can inflict such violence and mental abuse on someone is beyond comprehension – and even more so when those inflicting that abuse are members of a family who were supposed to have a duty of care.

“Shahena Uddin suffered unimaginable abuse both physically and mentally which was tantamount to torture. What she was subjected to – being denied water, being made to drink toilet water and being forced to eat her own faeces – are just a few of the extremely disturbing ‘punishments’ her family inflicted on her, isolating her and making her life agony.

Shahena Uddin Medical Report




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Source, TheSun

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