#Men’s Health Thursday: 5 Scary Changes That Happen To Our Penises As We Grow Older

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Well, this is not one of those articles about the things that can happen to your penis when you accidentally do certain things or one about the way you hurt your penis during sex. Rather, this article is about the things that will actually happen to your penis as you grow older.

Here are five changes your penis is bound to undergo as you grow older.

It Droops
According to Brian Steixner, MD, the director of the Institute of Men’s Health at the Jersey Urology Group, your scrotum is bound to droop as you grow older. The drooping of the scrotal sac is something that cannot be avoided because as time goes on, a loss of muscle mass occurs which makes the scrotum flatten out. However, there’s a new surgical procedure known as Scrotoplasty which can help your scrotum regain a bit of their muscle mass in your 70’s.

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Shrinkage Of Your Parts
As you grow older, the size of your reproductive organs tend to shrink progressively. Normal healthy cells die off and become replaced with collaginous non elastic fibers which makes the size shrink further.
A factor that makes the shrinkage worse is people that take lots of alcohol. Alcoholics that develop a big tummy which tends to make a larger part of your penis get buried under the skin. The best thing to reverse this is to loose unhealthy weight to gain back your penile length. For every 10 to 15 kilograms you lose, about an inch of length is added to your penis.

The Penis Bends
A lot of activities such which seem harmless from the onset tends to affect the curvature of the penis. These activities may include sexual activity and sports which make scar tissue accumulate along the length of your penis. The scar tissues that accumulate do not build up symmetrically and as such, it may result in your penis bending. This condition. Is more common in men as they enter their 60s and 70s.
The solution that exists to this include the injection of botulinum toxins which help to release accumulated scar tissues which make the penis curve.

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Erectile Dysfunction
It is estimated that there are about 10 million men are suffering from erectile dysfunction in Nigeria and worthy of note is that this condition occurs mostly as a result of blood loss. Preventing erectile dysfunction involves having proper exercise, eating good food and living a generally healthy life.
Erectile dysfunction is money consuming given the fact that billions are spent on drugs, injections and implants which all work to increase blood flow in order to sustain erection. You can avoid the frustration that comes with this by taking proper care of yourself.

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It is important as men grow older to familiarise themselves with the signs, symptoms and risks associated with prostrate and testicular cancer. Added to these risks are penile skin cancer which is uncommon but is still a cause for concern. Penile skin cancer is common in men who frequently tan their bodies. More so, uncircumcised men with poor hygiene may contribute to their risk of developing skin cancer. In severe cases, a complete removal of the penis may be required. As such, prevent this by limiting your penile exposure to sunlight.

Lastly, it is important to note that as you grow older, there’s a reduced level of testosterone hormone in your body. This may result in loss in size, reduced nerve function and overall difficulty in achieving orgasm. This means that as your penis gets shorter, you tend to last longer.




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