Mayweather Reacts To Chrissy Teigen’s Comment About His Tiger

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Boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather showed off an early Christmas present last year in the form of a tiger and it spurned a little controversy.

American animal rights organization, PETA and other animal rights activists criticized Mayweather saying the animal belongs in the wild.

Chrissy Teigen added her voice by saying,

“I’m okay with people having pet tigers because it increases their chances of being eaten by a tiger” she tweeted.

In an interview with Fight Hype, Mayweather was asked about what Teigen said about him on Twitter.


“The thing is I’ve never had anything negative to say about John Legend,” he said. “I really don’t even know what his wife does, whoever she may be. I’ve never seen John Legend’s wife in my life. If I did, I probably just don’t remember it. But the thing is this: I’m pretty sure she has a lot going on in her life, but you know, I’m something to talk about, so that can be something else. I am something to talk about. You see, when she spoke on me, she got her name in the public eye, so that’s kind of cool of her. I said this many, many, many years ago. I’m not perfect, I can contradict myself, but I think that people spend too much time worried about what other people are doing.”

Knowing Chrissy Teigen and her trolling tendencies on social media, she was probably joking.



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