Mama Amaka’s Story #AjegunleXmas

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#AjegunleXmas I met this amazing family, who lost all their belongings about a year ago in a fire and had to start life from scratch.The Family ended up moving to this empty shop (they just rented the space then) and lived in it for about a year till they recently moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. Which is where the entire family currently resides in.

I asked Mama Amaka nervously how much she makes in a month from her shop to support her family, and she replied N20,000. I couldn’t understand how she could support a family with N20,000 and I kept asking and asking, but she said she just does it. N20,000 a month! I still don’t understand how.

Their shop is empty, most of the money she gets is from buying things for other people and delivering it to them at their residences. That’s her hustle.

Her husband is a plumber and lost his company job about 5 years ago.

Being an individual plumber in Ajegunle is like being a Fisherman in the Sahara desert. Nobody needs your services, there is literally no pipe borne water, no real toilets, so really nothing for a plumber to do here. But I do think he could get work if he is able to market himself outside Ajegunle. That’s holding him back … not just money but training on marketing.

But the thing that struck me the most about Mama Amaka’s family is their genuine happiness … like they are just internally happy and it’s beautiful when you see such happiness in a place that is designed to suck happiness out of people. #AjegunleXmas

NOTE: if you are interested in helping out, please send donations before Midnight December 25th to my Nigerian account “Okechukwu Ofili Diamond Bank 0064206894” or “ with” in the space called reference enter #AjegunleXmas so I know what the money is for.

I need to get the money to them by the 26th of December so we can make some last minute purchases. Let’s bring Christmas to Ajegunle! Click here to find out more about the program.

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