Liverpool Leads The Top Payers To Agents As Clubs Spend Record $260 Million

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If you are a football agent working in the Premier League, it has been a great year. The English clubs in the top division have paid £129.9 million in fees over the last 12 months. The total amount paid rose by 13% with Liverpool leading the way by spending £14.3 million. In second place were Manchester United, who paid £13.9 million, closely followed by Manchester City spending £12.4 Million.


The team that made the biggest increase in the total amount spent on agents fees were Arsenal. Their agent bill rose from £4.3 million up to £11.9 million.


During Brendan Rodgers time in charge at Anfield, Liverpool’s agent fees increased significantly. The Red spent a lot of money in the transfer market trying to find a replacement for Luis Suarez, who was sold to Barcelona.


The biggest surprise was the huge jump in agent fees paid by Arsenal. Wenger has not made many new signings, but there were a large number of renegotiations on current player contracts.


The cheque book has been open at Manchester United for manager Louis Van Gaal. The Reds agent spending increased dramatically on agents due to substantial fees been paid on the purchase of Memphis Depay and Anthony Martial.


Liverpool has remained top of the big spenders on agents fees. For the last couple of seasons, they have sold star players for big money and have tried to replace them. It is a strategy that has not worked well for them so far and is hoped that the arrival of Jurgen Klopp will help turn it around.


The biggest cuts in spending on agents in the Premier League were Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. The Blues figures went down from a total of £16.8 million to £11 million. Spurs went from £12 million to only £6 million.


Manchester City’s agents fees spend, fell slightly which was surprising. They spent over £150 million on players such as Kevin De Bruyne and Sterling. The amount spent made them the free bets favourites for the title.


The newly promoted clubs spent the least amount of money. Norwich City spends £2.4 million, Bournemouth £2.3 million and Watford only £1.6 million.


It has been the first season that clubs in the Premier League have spent over £billion. There was a total of 172 inbound transfer along with loans over the season. In addition to this 573 outbound transfers happened along with 542 contract renewals.


The Premier League is attracting a massive amount of money through selling the rights to games all over the world. Clubs this year have seen their turnover increase by an average of 13% over the last year due to the new deals negotiated.


It is an exciting year in the Premier League with lots of teams involved in the fight for the title. It is looking like it is going to be the closest ever season. The excitement of the league has attracted lots of free bets and free bet offers from around the world. At the moment, it looks like it is going to keep rolling in and there does not look to be any end to the vast investments made in the sport.


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John Hawthorne

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