Kris Jenner Wishes Kylie Covered Her Bum In Interview Photoshoot

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Kris Jenner on controversial Kylie shoot

Kris Jenner has spoken on daughter Kylie’s controversial bum-showing photo shoot for Interview magazine.

Kris Jenner on controversial Kylie shoot
Kris Jenner on controversial Kylie shoot

Kris was full of praise for her 18-year old star offspring, but said she wished she had covered a little more of her bum.

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“The pictures are insane. This is so Kylie, by the way,” Kris, 60, told Menounos. “Steven Klein shot this, he’s so iconic and amazing.”

“And I love that my girls get to work with the most fantastic photographers in the world. It’s such a great experience and it’s truly remarkable. But I think that when they’re doing this, you know, it’s just such a private photo shoot, and she really gets to work with him and express herself. And this is what she loves. I think it’s great. I think they’re beautiful and artistic.”

“I think she could have covered her bum a little bit more right there,” Kris added. “But I saw the way the hair and the latex and the all that … it’s just so cool. It’s almost like she’s doll-like. And she’s wild, and this is how she expresses herself. So I think it’s great.”



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