Karim Benzema Speaks Out On Blackmail Scandal: “I’m Not A Criminal”

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Karim Benzema faces jail time

Benzema opens up on scandal

France striker Karim Benzema has finally spoken out on the blackmail scandal surrounding him and French teammate Mathieu Valbuena.

Benzema opens up on scandal
Benzema opens up on scandal: Karim Benzema & Mathieu Valbuena

In an interview with TF1, Benzena denied any wrong-doing of any sort, and claimed he was unfairly being treated like a criminal.

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“Sincerely, I am not guilty,” Benzema told TF1. “I’m being dragged through the mud and treated like a criminal.

“What happened? It is simple. I have heard there is a video of him [Valbuena] and I have told him. I told him I could help him because I have a friend in Lyon who can manage these problems.

“I told him that if he had told his family already, he could let this go. I told him I have experienced these sort of things in the past.

“We never spoke about money. I earn a good living and when I help someone, I don’t expect anything back.

“Valbuena thanked me the day I told him. What I do regret though, is this conversation with [my friend Karim] Zenati. I regret it because we laughed. I think it was understandable. It was spontaneous. I would have liked to be able to get in contact with Valbuena to apologise.

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“I don’t know the people that blackmailed him. The only one I know is Karim Zenati. He had his past and went to prison, but he started a new life since.

“I don’t even understand why I have been in custody and why they dirtied my name when I was the one who wanted to be heard. I don’t understand.”



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