K Michelle Removes Butt Implants, Reveals Smaller Behind

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K Michelle

K Michelle and her butt implants were major news when she got them.

From comments to how ridiculously large her behind looked to how terribly low her self esteem was, the Singer and Reality TV Star had quite a number of comments sent her way.

And even though she seemed unperturbed at the beginning, she recently revealed that she would be getting read of the massive behind soon.

And now she has.

In an Instagram post shared hours ago, the pretty singer posed a photo of her butt looking incredibly smaller.

In the caption she revealed that she feels better with her current butt size and added that less is more.

We agree K, this old behind is a brighter future than the plastic one.

Here is an old photo of her artificial ass…

K Michelle ass And below are photos she took after she got rid of the implants

K Michelle 3 K Michelle 2 K Michelle Which do you prefer, old ass or new ass?

Photos via Instagram/Kmichellemusic



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