Iyanya’s Applaudise, Oritsefemi’s Money stops nonsense…The 5 most disappointing albums of 2015

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The 5 most disappointing albums of 2015


This year’s most disappointing albums came mostly from artistes whom much was expected of. Maybe the pressure got to them, maybe they weren’t ready, maybe we had unrealistic expectations and maybe they simply had no clue. We sort through the ruins to present you with 2015’s bottopm pile. From most to least bearable.

Man of the year- Skales

Skales quickly abandons any promise he once showed of heading for a Grammy and goes the predictable formulaic route on Man of the year. For a while, he achieves some success and it seems as if audiences are in for a harmless, pleasurable ride. But after a while, the disc quietly disintegrates as Skales and his team abandon rhyme and reason in their search for whatever has worked for every other wannabe pop star. The blatant lack of personality is off putting and further alienates listeners looking for a clue as to what Skales is about as an artiste or even as a person.

According to X- DJ Xclusive

Superstar DJ Xclusive gathered the entire music industry home and abroad for his vanity project, an over cooked but extremely under produced exercise in noisemaking. Xclusive mistakes noise for sound and while his prerogative as a DJ is to send patrons to the dance floor, this disc with its entire lack of subtlety is relentless with the lack of chill. In the space of the disc’s overlong running time, Davido croaks, Timaya yells, Wizkid whines. We have a headache already.

Applaudise- Iyanya

For his sophomore album, Iyanya invites as many of his friends from the contemporary pop spectrum as his status can command (Seyi Shay, Patoranking, Tekno, Harrysong, Lil Kesh) but all of them put together cannot save a record so directionless and lacking in sense of purpose. Convinced that pop music must be synonymous with brain dead drivel, Mr Mbuk has gotten lazy and overly reliant on the hit single formula, the need to make people dance at the expense of common sense. Some of the songs that make the final cut are unforgivable even from debut artistes lacking in career direction. For this record, Iyanya gets no applause. Just knocks.

Money stops nonsense- Oritsefemi

Money stops nonsense is badly executed. Some of the obvious problems include dismal song writing, illogically placed guest stars, shoddy arrangement, half-baked production and a general lack of inspiration. It is hard to believe any self-respecting record label signed off on this. The record is so horribly mixed and arranged that these songs just storm insensitively from one tackily produced one to the next. The disc title couldn’t have been farther away from the truth. If money really did stop nonsense, this album would have never seen the light of day.

The Breakthrough- MC Galaxy

Breakthrough isn’t really an album, not in the artistic sense of the word. It is another overlong overindulgent pile of insipid material to emanate from one of the industry’s more prominent players. Nothing is breaking through here- not talent, skill or simple pleasure value. After the unforgivably lengthy running time, there is no room for doubt that music isn’t MC Galaxy’s strongest suit. But none can blame him for lack of trying. It takes a certain level of self-confidence-or deprecation- to open oneself for interrogation in this manner. The good part is MC Galaxy can cross making an album of his bucket list. The bad part is we cannot retrieve the time spent indulging his delusions.

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Wilfred Okiche

Wilfred Okiche

Wilfred Okiche is a movie buff and music head. He is still waiting for that one record that will change his life and remains ever optimistic. You can follow him on Twitter @drwill20


  1. I found Applaudise very bearable (rock-bottom expectations, pleased to find music actually) . Also I heard one track from Skales months ago that was really catchy, I presume it’s on the album.
    Haven’t encountered the other albums, but I really enjoyed this essay.

    2015 was maybe a bad year for music, and a worse year for “albums” – I think nobody pays attention anymore to creating an album.

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