Italy Boss Antonio Conte Says Mario Balotelli Might Watch Euro 2016 On Television

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Antonio Conte mocks Balotelli’s Euro hopes

Mario Balotelli’s hopes of making the Italy squad for the 2016 UEFA European championship have been dampened by comments from Italy coach Antonio Conte.

Antonio Conte mocks Balotelli's Euro hopes
Antonio Conte mocks Balotelli’s Euro hopes

Following the announcement of the grouping for the group stage, which saw Italy placed with heavyweights Belgium, Balotelli had posted a picture of himself on Instagram with the caption: “Can’t wait.”

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Conte reportedly wasn’t too pleased with the photo, and captioned it:  “[He] can’t wait for what…to play in the European Championship or to watch on television?”

“It’s up to him [Balotelli] to show he can be included, just as it is with the others,” Conte added. “But he has got so, so much to prove.”

“I haven’t drawn any conclusions so far. I will watch everyone carefully, but I also know who has got us this far, and I know the players. Anyone who wants to come in has got to show me an awful lot.”



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