Hoddle: Tottenham Must Qualify For UCL

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Tottenham icon Glenn Hoddle sees no reason why the club shouldn’t qualify for UCL football.

Tottenham currently sit fourth on the table due to first half exploits that has seen them concede just 14 goals.

Youngsters like Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Harry Kane have buoyed Tottenham to the position it is in.

“I think [Spurs are] a good example but if every team played with youngsters … it would become a development league,” he told Omnisport.

“You learn from experienced players around you and playing against experience. If every team played just youngsters, the quality would go down. So it’s all the experienced players that will bring on those youngsters.

“But they’ve got a batch of really good youngsters that are working hard for each other. It’s a great year for Tottenham in the sense that so many teams have been inconsistent, and that door for the top four is wide open.

“They probably thought they’d have to build for two or three seasons. Now is the time for Spurs. It’s a big season for them to jump into that top four.

“Whether they can stay in that top four for years to come with that squad remains to be seen but I think it’s a great opportunity, one that they didn’t think was going to happen.”



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