Here’s Why Haliburton Scandal is Bigger Than Buhari – Femi Falana

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Famous Nigerian lawyer, Femi Falana, in an exclusive interview with Vanguard said ‘the Haliburton bribery scandal is bigger than President Muhammadu Buhari.’

“The Halliburton case is bigger than this administration, I must tell you.

“A former American Vice President, Dick Cheney, who was head of Halliburton, was charged here but the case was never mentioned and the case was struck out.

“The US government made about $1.3billion from fines imposed on those who bribed the officials. In Nigeria, I think we made just about $120million.

“In the US, all the suspects were prosecuted but here, because there was no political will, the case was bungled.

“President Buhari went to the US and told Obama that over $150billion had been stolen from Nigeria and the country would need the help of Western countries to get the money back for development. And the heads of those governments have said ‘we will collaborate’ and Halliburton case is one of the cases that have to be re-opened.

“You are asking for assistance from foreign countries, all those cases in which they have prosecuted people in their countries and you say you will not re-open the cases here.

“It is like asking for assistance from people in the recovery of your looted wealth while you are turning blind eyes to the same cases.



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