Gruesome: Woman Beheads Her Son In Kano

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A post on Facebook going viral says that a woman in Kano State beheaded her 2 year old son in a insane fit of anger.

Neighbours say they saw her with blood-stained clothes, prompting them to run unto the house where they found the toddler’s head completely severed from his body.

The woman allegedly later confessed that she beheaded the boy because he was uncontrollable and had ‘attacked’ her. Click the link below for the image of the victim.

WARNING: Very graphic photo.




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  1. That crazy bitch! People like that dont deserve children, the baby was out of control?! What does she expect babies dont know anything its the job of the mother to teach and protect her kids. And children only know what they are taught. I hope this crazy woman gets what she deserves and undoubtedly there is a special place in hell for her for killing one of gods miracles because all children are gifts from god they should be cherished not taken away in such a callous despicable manner! 🙁

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