Gojko – “Born To Achieve”

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Compiled By Mina Ciric

What do future talents have that other people do not? They are born to achieve. They overcome obstacles, pursuing a dream that is attainable only by few.
Gojko Lojpur is someone that our magazine has been following for some time now because we think he has what it takes to become future super star. He is a multi-talented resident of Orange County who has drive, charisma, and that special spark that separates him from most.

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Gojko has recently signed a contract with IEG, a L.A.-based modeling agency. However, he is still available to those seeking to establish a connection with him to make profitable investments in entertainment. When asked, “What are you weaknesses?” by an interviewer for a European magazine, his response was flatly, “None!”
After I heard about that, I was amazed by such boldness, and I said to myself, “That is what I need!”

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Recently, L.A. acting talent manager Carla S. has begun collaborating with Lojpur, stating that she believes that we most certainly can expect this young talent to be on the rise here in Hollywood.
However , we do believe that every country and every film industry would benefit from having him as an cover face. Today top companies invest billions of dollars in marketing and advertising. These companies constantly seek a face and a personality to carry their brand. Ladies and gentlemen, Gojko Lojpur is that face that sells.

Once Gojko said:

 “I was very happy when one talent agent approached me in a room full of people and said, ‘You are a future star. I didn’t need a lot of time to see that because you have a sparkle in your eyes ,and you have charisma all around you.’ “

Gojko Lojpur

Gojko Lojpur

Multi-talented male model, actor and singer.

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