Friendzone HQ #12 By @Tomilola_coco

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Friendzone HQ

Happy new year in advance lovers ?‍


“We were going to get engaged” the words followed him as she marched after him into his apartment in the estate he lived in somewhere in Lekki.

She was not letting go and she was not keeping quiet.

He should have known better than to ask her to accompany him to that dinner but Adaeze had found out from Oyin about Ola’s dinner and had insisted on going with him.

He had told her he was bringing someone and she’d still insisted, thinking he was kidding.

And of course, Vanessa had come with him when he asked.

Now, as he stripped himself of his clothes and turned on the heater, he blamed himself for letting her come with him.

“We were not going to get engaged, Vanessa.” He replied, walking into his bathroom naked.

“But we were…”

“We were nothing. I told you things were moving too fast and I needed time. You never gave me that time, you never give me time. I mean look at you now and see what you’re doing. You’re walking into the freaking bathroom with me!”

Vanessa stopped, as if just realizing she was crossing the boundary she should have left private.

“I’ve seen you shower before” She said, then joining him in the bathroom and watching him as he stepped into the shower which had a glass wall.

She watched as he stood under the hot water cascading his back, her mind went to the numerous times they had showered together after sex and times they made love under the shower in the UK.

She missed that him, the him that gave himself to her without holding back.

He had been quite moody and emotionally unstable at the time, sometimes seemingly unable to reciprocate her love but she had waited anyway, helping him through the lonely nights and terrible mornings.

Slowly peeling off her dress, she relieved herself of the dress she had worn to Ola’s Christmas eve dinner and got rid of her shoes on her way to the shower.

She had missed his body, his touch, his hands on her nipples.

The memories of the nights they had touched were what kept her awake at night back in her flat in London and now that she was with him, physically present by his side, it took a lot not to be able to do those things with him.

“Vanessa, stop it”

She ignored him and placed her head on his wet back, pressing her naked body against him, she held him tight from the back.

The hot water was pouring down her hair and face now but she did not care for it, she only cared for the man she was holding tight to, the man that she loved greatly.

“I miss you making love to me, babe” she muttered, placing gentle kisses on his neck.

“Vanessa, this is not right”

“But I am your girlfriend, your woman, the woman you own and who you can get whenever you want. This is right.”

Her knees were on the ground now, her head bowed as she reached for him. She was taking him in her mouth, drawing him in, doing things only she could.

But things that he wanted Oyin to do to him.

He moaned and held on to her head as she worked him in and out of her mouth.

“You still taste so fucking good” she whispered when she stopped to get air.

He chuckled and then moaned when she resumed what she’d been doing earlier.

He knew he was going to screw her brains out and he knew he was going to be thinking of another woman while doing it.

But he also knew she was not going to let him walk, she was not going to give up until he screwed her.


Kolapo turned the lock in the key again because that was what he usually did whenever he locked the door to his house and because he had plans that night.

She had gone into his bathroom to ease herself and he had locked the door to the sitting room and now was locking the door to his own bedroom.

“Why are you locking us in?” She inquired the moment she stepped out of his bathroom, a puzzled look on her face.


She frowned, she did not believe him. Especially when he was looking at her like he had something he was not saying.

“You never lock the door to the bedroom…” he covered the few spaces between them in quick strides and covered her mouth with his.

She tried to respond at first but the hunger and ferociousness with which he kissed her made her confused. He was kissing her like he did not care if she kissed him back and like he was punishing her.

Placing her hands on his chest, she tried to push him away from her but instead of being pushed away, he threw his hands around her shoulders and pulled her closer to himself.

He invaded every corner of her mouth with his tongue and only when he was satisfied did he throw her into his bed, getting on top of her before she could react.

“What are you doing?” she asked, slightly nervous that he was about to make love to her when she was not willing to.

“I am about to make love to my woman” he said and tugged at her panties.

“Kolapo, this is insane.”

“Why? Because it is coming from me? I bet it would not be if it were coming from him” he snarled and stuck his finger inside her.

“Kolapo, you’re angry and this is not the time to  have sex” she was trying to plead with him, to make him realize that they were about to have sex the first time but with force on his end.

In future, that night would not be a good memory and he would wish they did it the normal way.

So she tried to lift her hand which he was now pinning to the bed, in a bid to stop him.

“Kolapo, let’s do this the right time and the right way”

He laughed, “Very funny. After you have given it to him abi?”

He had removed his belt now and had shifted down his boxers, she shut her eyes deeply, waiting for the inevitable, knowing deep down that there was nothing she could do about what was about to happen to her.

She gasped when he thrust into her, trying to imagine he was not doing what he was doing.

After a few more thrusts, he poured his seed into her.

She did not say anything, not even when he got up and strolled into his bathroom.


Vanessa was sated.

It had been a while she had sex with Segun but after they did it, she realized it had made up for every single moment she spent away from him imagining that moment.

“I liked it” she said to him, watching as he grabbed an old shirt and wore it on top of the brown shorts he was currently wearing.

“Good” he said, grabbed his iPhone and headed for the door.

“Come on, Segun we are going to have sex and you would walk out of the door like nothing happened?”

“I am going to the sitting room to watch TV”

“I’m coming with you” she said and hurried after him.

Maybe all he needed was a reminder of how good things used to be between them.

She eased into a space near him on the white leather sofa and watched as he found a suitable channel for them to watch.

She was still naked and she had no plans to get dressed, if everything went according to plans that night, they were going to make love at least twice more.

It was one of the reasons she had come to him during her ovulation period.

She remembered the moment she had decided to carry a little Segun inside of her. It was one morning at her sister’s after they had just finished breakfast.

Vanessa had been standing by the mirrored wall which gave one of the best views in the neighborhood, watching as cars sped by and people trudged along by the sidewalk.

The apple in her hand had been the second that morning and she had almost finished it when she saw a young pretty woman walking with her little girl.

She had immediately thought of babies and thought of them with Segun, she had always wanted to have his kids and that morning made her realize how much she would like for that dream to come true.

“Not bad. As long as you’re both ready” her sister had said after she’d asked her what she thought.

And Vanessa had started working on it, except it did not work the first two times she tried it back in the UK.

Now was the third and it was not going to fail.

His phone was buzzing now and his head was lowered, reading through what she sensed was a text message.

He sprang up from the sofa and rushed into the room, causing her to follow him immediately.

“What is wrong?” she asked as he grabbed his car key.

“Oyin. She needs me”

She frowned, “It’s late.”

“Yeah, but it is urgent too apparently.”

“Can I come with you?” she asked him as he made for the front door.

“No. But I won’t be late, I promise”

She managed a smile as the door slammed shut behind him. She had never been a fan of female/male best friendship or whatever they chose to call it. She knew well enough that everyday, women across the world struggle to leave the Friendzone.

She did not trust women to keep it as the friendship it was supposed to be.

And she most definitely did not trust that Oyin bitch.

Friendzone HQ

– Tomilola Coco Adeyemo



Content Writer|Screenwriter|Coke Addict|Feminist|Amala Activist|Future Hero. Twitter&Instagram @Tomilola_coco


  1. Kolapo didn’t have to force her. Not necessary but am sure he is hoping she gets pregnant.
    Segun is a weirdo jare.

    So since everyone is making love, let me go and grab my own …

    Happy New Year in advance to everyone.

  2. I always knew Kolapo is gonna mess up & Vanessa shld better stop deceiving herself,coz she can’t tie a guy down wt dat her acts o

  3. Kai kolapo has ruined everything, he is a savage for forcing himself on her. He has succeeded in pushing her into d waiting arms of segun. Oya segun be a better man

  4. Kolapo just goofed big time….WTH was he thinking?He just paved way for segun,lets see hw it all unfolds…Thanks Tomi,God bless u for this piece,expecting new year bonus episode…and wishing U a fabulous 2016 hunnay

  5. For those rooting for kolapo can now see he is nothing but a fuckboy…well congratulations to segun. He won the battle and the war

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