French Prime Minister Wants Karim Benzema Kicked Off France Team

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Karim Benzema faces jail time

French PM wants Benzema off squad

The Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls has stated that striker Karim Benzema should be kicked out the France national team.

French PM wants Benzema off squad
French PM wants Benzema off squad: Karim Benzema & Mathieu Valbuena

This is because of the implication of Benzema in a blackmail investigation involving Benzema’s France teammate, Mathieu Valbuena.

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Benzema, who has denied any wrongdoing, faces charges of conspiracy to blackmail, and Valls believes he shouldn’t be on the team.

“A great athlete should be exemplary. If he is not, he has no place in the France team,” Valls told French radio.

“There are so many kids, so many youngsters in our suburbs that relate to great athletes. They wear the blue jersey, the colours of France, which are so important in these moments.”



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