Court Finds Oscar Pistorius Guilty Of “Murdering” Reeva Steenkamp

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Oscar Pistorius, 29, has been under house arrest following his previous conviction for manslaughter which today was overturned to MURDER. Currently serving out a five year sentence, he was released from prison on October 19th to serve out the remainder of his sentence at his uncle’s mansion in Pretoria, capital of South Africa. He has served one year out of his jail time.

Pistorius whose manslaughter case took a sharp turn to murder this morning, said he mistook his  girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, who was living with him at his house in Pretoria, for an intruder.

He followed a noise he heard into the bathroom, took his gun along with him, leaving his prostheses, unknowing that Reeva was in there and fired four shots through the door, then went back to bed to check on Reeva only to discover she wasn’t in bed.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel argued that Pistorius intended to kill whoever was behind the locked toilet door through which he fired four bullets.

Oscar Pistorius3
Oscar Pistorius shedding tears at his trial.

He said, ‘I was overcome with fear,’ describing how he thought he heard an intruder in the bathroom. He grabbed his gun, and rushed without his prostheses to the bathroom. ‘Before I knew it, I’d fired four shots at the door,’ he said, adding that he ran back to the bed only to find that Steenkamp was not there.

Steenkamp is a 29-year-old law graduate and model and began dating Pistorius at the peak of his career following his grand performance at the 2012 Olympics when he became the first double-amputee to race at the Olympic level.

Justice Leach who was presiding over the case said ‘Almost all the shots fired through the door would inevitably have struck the deceased. There was nowhere to hide.’

Oscar will be required to appear in court in the New Year being the date for the final verdict. He is looking at upwards of 15 years in jail. Pistorius will be in his forties by the time he tastes freedom again.

Oscar Pistoris2-tile

He is free to appeal to South Africa’s Constitutional Court – the country’s highest court. But defence lawyers say he cannot afford further legal battles, having already paid huge legal bills.

Reeva Steenkamps Mother, June Steenkamp
Reeva Steenkamps mother, June, during the hearing. (Middle)




Source/Photo Credit, DailyMail

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