Chris Rock: Comedian’s Wife Insists He Keeps Being Responsible For Their Adopted Daughter

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Chris Rock

Chris Rock and his wife have split but if you know anything about Hollywood, you would know separation comes with a little bit of drama.

And in the case of Chris Rock and his wife, their separation drama is a South African girl they adopted and who Chris does not want to be legally responsible for anymore.

The 7 year old girl who came to live with Chris and his wife seven years ago is reportedly living in the states under a “visitor’s visa”. Since she arrived in America, Chris Rock and his wife Malaak have been responsible for her and up until their separation, Chris was a willing guardian.

However, weeks ago, the Actor/Comedian revealed that the girl is not his and, only decided to be legally responsible for his two biological daughters. In all of these, he claimed his wife was the major brain behind the reason the South African girl came to live with them and he was not going to be part of her life anymore.

Clearly, his wife is not about that life.

Malaak has reportedly insisted that Chris continues to support the girl like he has always done. According to divorce papers obtained, Malaak listed the girl as a dependant together with her biological children with Chris.

If this is not one interesting situation then I wonder what is.

We hope Chris Rock and his wife can settle their differences where the little one is concerned.



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