Chris Brown: It’s Not My Job To Be Your Role Model; My Job Is To Be Your Inspiration

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown is preaching again and you better stay woke.

Vibe got an interview out of Chris Brown who just dropped his album Royalty and you know Breezy, he does not mince words – he goes all the way.

Discussing his music, how he discovered that he was his daughter’s father and the awareness of being black in America, Chris Brown was open in the interview.

And he took his time to reveal how much he has grown and changed and evolved into a Chris Brown we cannot help but love.

However, if you thought for some reason that the star was going to become a self proclaimed role model because of his new way of life, then you must be sleeping.

Talking candidly to the magazine, Brown said;

It’s not my job to be your role model; it is my job to be your inspiration. There is a difference.

You may recall that some months back, Rihanna said something in this line when she was asked if there could remotely be a future collaboration with Country Star turned Pop Star, Taylor Swift.

Rih had mentioned that her and Taylor do not sing the same type of music and did not have the same type of audience, she had added that Taylor was role model material and she was not.

At least, they warned you.

Meanwhile, you can read the whole Vibe interview with Breezy here.



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