Buhari’s Bow Before Saraki Is A Message To Cynics Of Change

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Buhari and Saraki

As foretold, all political storms and intrigues that plagued the 8th National Assembly in the onset, particularly the Saraki multidimensional-cases and the rifts in the House of Reps against Dogara, have stylishly died down and the depth of all wounds are becoming healed while the surface is getting smoothly cleaned, day-in-day-out.

Buhari and SarakiAs extension of political fracas, which is much expected, the discerned stiff attitude of President Buhari towards Saraki during the ‘beleaguered’ days of his leadership as an emerged Senate President against the will of his party is also apparently going off.

The causes, effects and eventual end that made the whole phenomenon aren’t unclear to be political and severe game of superiority.

The whole condition was as if it wont taste any premature or elongated death. Amazingly however, Saraki, after severally belittled attempts, later got the chance of winning the smile, acceptance and gesture of the Presidency at the top of other unavoidable acceptance by his aggrieved mates in the Senate, others in the House of Rep and the APC Party who’s the chief host of all events.

Even if the repeated votes of confidence passed on Saraki were tagged undue and disgraceful by some people who expected him disdainfully booted off the Senate President seat, and the reconciliation steps by him through the hand of friendship and loyalty extended to the Presidency (and its party) before, during and after the most famous ministerial screening were still not well recognised by many, the standing ovation and encomium bestowed on him by the President and all there present at a Presidency-legislators dinner at the Aso rock is a clear signal, among others, that the ‘presumed’ hostility is over.

On the occasion of budget presentation, the President Buhari that is well known to all in terms of principle and discipline would never appear (in person) before the joint session of the National Assembly if actually some huge scores were still there to settle with its leadership, most evidently when there’s precedence for any negative decision to be fully accommodated.

Sincerely put, President Buhari has demonstrated, once again, progressive diplomatic tenets and values that are virtually lost in our national polity.

It is however surprising to notice that, neglecting the serene and exciting conduct of the joint session, particularly the well-articulated address of the Senate President that has received unprecedented appreciations by citizens online and offline, Sahara Reporters in a bid to cover up the obvious and smear when unnecessary, decided to make mockery of the leadership of the National Assembly when the online media posted that @bukolasaraki @nassnigeria cannot fix a broken seat to which @MBuhari bowed.

Its no mistake if one assumes that Sahara Reporters is seriously pained that Buhari eventually took a bow before Saraki. The pain is obviously exposed when it has to launch an attack basically on the offence of a broken seat.
Perhaps the seat even got broken due to the congestion experienced at the chamber, that gracious day; ‘Sahara’ can never be calm to think of this. It’s a sorry case! This is, in fact, a first-roll seat that has never been spotted broken before that day. Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

Although it is true that Saraki is the Chairman of the incumbent Assembly, but it’s not unseen that the session was hosted at the Green Chamber.
If at all anyone should be held responsible for the broken seat, its not arguable that Dogara’s name should be

included. This is if we were to make any fuss out of this issue.

Dear Sahara Reporters, why is it always Saraki?

As a well-meaning Nigerian, I find it not difficult to understand that the bow wasn’t neither for Saraki nor the members of the National Assembly; it was for our dear country. If I must say, the occasion of the budget presentation re-affirmed my belief that President Buhari is an exemplary democrat and the type of disciplined leader Nigeria needs at all moments.

Also, I found it impressive that the upper and lower chambers of the 8th Assembly have shown unalloyed interest to work with Mr. President.

I hereby join other compatriots to urge the government on full implementation of the beautiful #Budget2016.

There would be shortcomings, certainly, but we implore the executive and legislative arm to ensure un-jeopardised mission of #Change.

God bless Nigeria my country…

I am Bisola Animashaun, writing from Lagos State. (bissy004@gmail.com)

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.



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