Boko Haram Attempts Attack By Sending Bombs As Gifts in Food Flasks

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Thousands of Muslims celebrating Id El Maulud, which is the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, on Thursday escaped disaster after some eagled-eyed vigilante operatives intercepted five food flasks filled with bombs outside a popular Maiduguri mosque.

According to Premium Times, five suspects believed to be members of Boko Haram loaded five big food flasks (otherwise known as coolers) on a hand-pushed cart and headed for Medinatu Mosques in the heart of Maiduguri, Borno state, where adherents of the Tijaniyya Islamic sect were marking the Maulid Nabiyi.

Fortunately, they were arrested before they got to their destination.

The arrested bombers, according to witnesses, earlier claimed the giant food flasks contained hot rice cooked to be delivered to the celebrating Muslims as gifts. Normally, during such occasions, which normally attracts thousands of Muslims from different parts of the country, and even from outside it, to the popular Sheikh Abdul Fateh mosque located in Medinatu neighbourhood of Old Maiduguri, individuals usually make charity donations in form of foods and other consumables to help make visitors comfortable.



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