Blac Chyna And Former Bestie Heather Sanders Fight Dirty On Snapchat ☕️

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Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has been through a very rough year emotionally but as serious as her relationship issues with Tyga seemed months ago, she never fought dirty.

After ending her relationship with her baby Daddy Tyga whom she was engaged to, Blac Chyna watched as Tyga moved on with her bestie’s baby sister Kylie Jenner.

But even when she was expected to go on a social media war, she never did.

However, in the early hours of today, clips of Blac Chyna going off at her former bestfriend surfaced online.

Blac and the ex bestie in question Heather Sanders said to have split for two years now, that was before Chyna and Tyga were officially over and Heather became friends with Kylie, Tyga’s new boo.

Now the interesting thing here is Heather is Tyga’s bestie’s baby mama so that was probably why she struck up a friendship with Kylie so fast.

And even though a lot of people attributed their split to Heather going on to be Kylie’s friend, another reason for the split has surfaced.

According to TheShaderoom, the two reportedly parted ways because one was becoming envious of the other’s success and was worried the other would “steal her shine”.

However, what led to the drama the whole world woke up to this morning was a shade Heather allegedly threw Chyna’s way.

Chyna’s fans alerted her of this shade and she responded with a clip and Heather responded and Chyna responded and they both went off at each other, giving us all front row seats to one of the most interesting girl fights ever.

We have never seen Blac Chyna this way, so maybe this did get to her.

Meanwhile, Heather claims she was not shading Blac and all she was doing was making a harmless video.

Check on the video below…

Clip via TheShadeRoom



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  1. fuck all that….what’s the name of those yellow pills bih…. One thing I hate is when bitches throw shade and hide they hand. If y’all wasn’t talking about her, why were y’all waiting on her????

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