Azealia Banks Arrested After Biting Female Bouncer’s Breast

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Azealia Banks arrested for assault

Singer Azealia Banks has been arrested by police after she assaulted a female security guard in front of the Up&Down nightclub in New York.

Azealia Banks arrested for assault
Azealia Banks arrested for assault

The singer had created a scene when she tried to entered the club for an invite-only party for one of the club’s owners, which she wasn’t invited for.

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She was eventually let in, and when she entered, she began to attack the bouncers again, telling them who she was, adding that she was “on Rihanna’s album.”

Security had to toss Banks out eventually, and on her way out, she spit in the female bouncer’s face, and bit her breast.

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Oddly, Banks was the one who went to call police about the incident, and when they went back to the club, she punched the female bouncer again.

Police arrested her, and she was taken to the Sixth Precinct on a misdemeanor charge of third-degree assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.



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