An Average Guy’s Guide To Unhooking A Bra With Just One Hand

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First things first, even women don’t know how to unhook their bras with just one hand. So, don’t be hard on yourself.

However, it’s more than a hat added to your feather if you can master the art. If you’ve never tried unhooking a bra or you’ve tried unhooking with very little success, this is one article you don’t want to let go off till you’ve read every word.

The art and science of taking off a woman’s bra involves a bit of practice and a bit of luck too. How fast you unhook the bra can determine where she places you on her scale of impressive guys.

As such, it is important you get creative and master this wholesome act. Follow this guide that will help you undergo this task smoothly and thank us later.


Get Consent
This is the first thing to do. You don’t want her going all ballistic and accusing you of rape or assault. As such, ensure you’re both on the same page before you proceed with the task of getting access to her boobs.


Now you’re kissing her and determined that she wants you to proceed to the next level. The next thing to do is to know if she’s wearing a bra that is clasped from behind or from the front.

Back Clasping Bras
Bras that are clasped for behind are the types that are most worn by women. As such, your fingers would probably by instinct go to her back. The caveat here however is that bras that are clasped from behind are usually difficult to remove as you can’t really see where your hands are going, added to the fact that the way the bras may have three or four cases that hook to opposing eyelets strap. Unclasping a bra involves releasing the hook from the opposing eyelet.

unhook bra

Using one hand is complicated but following certain rules should ease your task. If you’re facing her, simply put your favorite hand underneath her clothing while kissing her. Proceed to slide your index finger from the top between her back and the bra in a way that your finger is facing her skin. Using your index finger, pull the bra away from her skin to create space between both. Squeeze the bra inwards using your thumb and middle finger.
Furthermore, move the middle finger inwards and your thumb outwards as if you want to snap your fingers. This will get the eyelets out of the hooks. And you now have direct access to the boobs.

Bras Clasped From The Front
Bras that are clasped from the front offer some form of easy access and if your babe likes this, you’d probably be having a lot more access to the boobs more easily than you think. They are however not as common and are a bit difficult to quickly identify. The moment you explore her back and find that there’s no feeling of a clasp, you should quickly note that it should be in the front. Front clasping bras however differ in their fastening systems but most have plastic hooks going through two eyelets.


The problem with removing bras clasped in the front is that they are right in front of you! The easiest way is to use both your hands by pulling the clasps towards each other.
Using one hand however involves kissing her well enough for her to want you to grab her boobs. Then work your favorite hand right onto the clasp. Proceed to place your thumb and your index finger around the clasp. Follow the finger snap motion and voila! the eyelet comes off the hook.


No Handed Bra Unclasping Method
This one is meant for the masters who have already mastered the art of using one hand. It entails giving your partner a good hug after which you bend her to one side. It is important you know the side to which the hooks are attached as tilting to the wrong side won’t make the bra unhook. Women with quite some boobs will have their hooks come off the eyelet easily.

But I don’t recommend this last method for you. You will fail woefully.


Unhooking a woman’s bra can come with its own pocket of tricks if you’re not used to dealing with it. Use the tips here, get some practice or just encourage her to go around without a bra. The idea of this long talk is just to get to the boobs, right?



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